Writing Takes Form: the Archive

Gallery set-up
Writing Takes Form at Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center
poster with explanation
Gallery image
Work by Claire Pickens and Kaitlin Wright
gallery image
Caroline Smith checks out work by Stacie Davis.
Professors Sarah Bryant and Anna Embree check out books from the archive
library cart
The pieces in the archive not on display were housed here for visitors to check out.
card catalog
The card catalog helped guests navigate the archive.
the reading table
The Reading Table.
Reading Table in use
A reader checks out work by Kaitlin Wright.
Reader writing their name on a library card
Visitor’s were encouraged to record their reading of each piece on the individual library cards.
Filled out card catalog
sarah scarr and jk gale
JK Gale and Sarah Scarr, members of RJ3, standing a semi-safe distance from one another.
Callie Richards and Sarah Scarr
RJ3 members, Callie Richards and Sarah Scarr
Stacie Davis and Shandy Burrows
While the show was only up one day, and visitors were asked to forego a visit due to Covid 19, none of it would have been possible without the hard work of RJ3 Members, like Shandi Burrows and Stacie Davis.
The Exhibition Catalog