Queer Femme Chapbook Trio (2018)

Sometimes I read things and I love them so much I have to pound them onto paper for posterity. Letterpress printed chapbooks. Made with photopolymer plates, metal type, wood type, and linoleum. Printed on Mohawk Superfine. 6.25″x4.5″

“There Are No Happy Loves” by Sophie Strohmeier. As the cover notes, this is the catalog for a “Retrospective of Forgotten Films…in collaboration with the institute of Sapphic Studies, Isle of Lesbos cultural forum” from the writer who brought us the celebrated erotic novel Küss Mich Libussa. This text first appeared in Apofenie on May 4, 2018. (Edition of 49)

“No Restrictions” by DeeDee Behind. This riveting work of CNF straight from the frontlines of the Whore Revolution first appeared in Best Sex Writing 2015 (Edition of 55).

“Like: Intimacy in Late-Stage Capitalism” by Sarah Panlibuton Barnes. Youth, sex, and succulents all in the shadow of the opioid epidemic is just a hint of the rich territory this short memoir covers. First published online in VIDA Review on August 9, 2018. (Edition of 50)